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The massive programme of legislation that accompanies Brexit is going to have major impacts on all citizens and organisations based in the UK or doing business there.  On present plans, it will include:

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill,
(which aims to transpose all EU law into UK law)

Nuclear Safeguards Bill

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill

Trade Bill

          Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill

Customs Bill

Migration Bill

Agriculture Bill

Fisheries Bill
Legislation to implement any Withdrawal Agreement

1000+ Statutory Instruments of key importance in many areas

Revisions to International Treaties and Conventions and Trade

Revisions to the UK relationship with key EU institutions

Devolution Legislation

Post- Brexit Legislation

While the negotiations and political battles continue, we aim to try and de-mystify this legislation, and to provide in-house briefings for businesses and other organisations to help navigate a way through it.  We can help clients to understand the main features of the legislation that matter to them, its key aims and objectives and the main ways in which it is likely to impact on their operations. We can help clients to get a clearer picture of what is in prospect.

Wyeside Consulting Ltd ‘Brexit Legislation Briefings’ are prepared and presented by lawyers with in-depth experience within government of preparing primary and secondary legislation, negotiating and implementing EU law, applying devolution legislation and working internationally. We work closely with experts in international law who are also seasoned negotiators of international Treaties and Conventions. We present our briefings for clients in their offices, so that as many people as needed can attend.

We can also develop sector-specific briefings, tailored to topics of key concern to clients, bringing in sector specialists wherever necessary.


To obtain further details about our Briefings, or to discuss this further please contact William Wilson, Barrister, Director, Wyeside Consulting Ltd on +44(0)1225-730-407, e-mail info@wyesideconsulting.com marked ‘Brexit Legislation Briefings’