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William Wilson, Barrister – Director at Wyeside Consulting Ltd has continued work on Environmental Governance issues concerned with the draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill.

On 19 February he gave a presentation on the Bill at a meeting of the Air Quality Committee of Environmental Protection UK in the City of London. EPUK has submitted its own written evidence on the Bill - https://www.environmental-protection.org.uk

The meeting also reviewed the Government’s Air Quality Strategy, and the forthcoming wider Environment Bill.

Also in February he published an article on the Bill and its enforcement provisions in the online journal of Water and Wastewater Treatment - ‘Opinion: How will the UK protect the environment after Brexit?’ <wwtonline.co.uk>

In March he published an article on environmental protections after Brexit in Pesticide News, the journal of Pesticide Action Network UK - www.pan-uk.org/pesticide-news

A link to the Parliament TV coverage of William Wilson’s evidence on 30 January 2019 to the House of Commons EFRA Committee pre-legislative scrutiny inquiry into the Bill is at –


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