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Data we hold

At Wyeside Consulting Ltd we hold very limited amounts of data, in the form of names, business addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers, which we use for occasional updates, newsletters, correspondence and limited marketing purposes. We base any contacts with you on your giving your consent to that, which you can of course withdraw at any time. We follow all the GDPR principles on processing of personal data, and will not keep even our limited personal data any longer than is necessary,  and will regularly review it.

Uses of data

Our website is hosted by SquareSpace, and their terms for providing that service are here.  Their servers are in the USA, and we understand that  exchange of information with the USA will be covered by the EU/US Privacy Shield, details of which are here

In addition, we subscribe to Google Analytics which provides limited information and visitor tracking that tells us how many people are using the website, it collects technical data in aggregate and cannot identify an individual. The terms on which Google provide that service are here. Routing of data through Google’s servers in the USA will also be covered by the EU/US Privacy Shield above.

Uses of cookies

Our site uses cookies, you can read our full cookie policy here

Any concerns about data use?

We will promptly address any concerns you may have about uses of the very limited data and information we may hold: please address any comments or concerns on this to info@wyesideconsulting.com


If you would prefer not to be contacted by us for any reason, please use the Unsubscribe here, fill in the form and we will delete your data and not send you any further communications.


You can find more information about GDPR by visiting the dedicated portal here or the ICO website here.